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What is the role of local service shops in relation to the Statewide Radio System?

Your local radio shop is an integral member of the team responsible for deploying SRS/ROC equipment. Many radio shops are dealers in equipment from multiple manufacturers. That means they are authorized to sell, repair, install, and provide maintenance for that brand of equipment. Ask your manufacturer representative (link to SRS approved equipment page) which shops in your area are approved to sell their equipment.

The dealer, while coordinating with the Public Safety Communications technical team, is often involved in creating the list of equipment that meets the customer’s needs and is approved for use on the SRS. This equipment list is then priced using established State or national contracts for equipment, accessories, and services such as installation and programming.

The Public Safety Communications technical team works with your agency representative to plan and determine talkgroups as part of your communications plan. The radio shop technicians coordinate with the Public Safety Communications technicians to create the new list of talkgroups and conventional frequencies that need to be programmed in your new equipment. They also configure the ergonomics of the equipment, which includes assigning functions to the buttons and knobs to ensure the equipment performs to the desired features and is user-friendly for each new user.

What about training?

For ROC radio installations, the technicians at the radio shop help participate in the ROC Orientation training that is administered by the Public Safety Communications training team.

What if my radio quits working or breaks?

If initial troubleshooting indicates that the SRS network is operating correctly and the radio is malfunctioning, call the service shop. New radios are covered by the manufacturer’s standard warranty, which is typically one year parts and labor. However, most warranties don’t cover night/weekend service or trip charges for a technician to drive to the customer location. Ask your dealer about the terms of the warranty! Most dealers will offer a service contract after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, so make sure you understand what is covered by the contract.