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What is ROC?

The Regional Operations Common “ROC’s” are shared talkgroups for use by all dispatch centers. Additionally, any local, state, or federal public safety agency may operate on the ROC’s on the Statewide Radio System with authorized equipment. The ROC talkgroups are regionalized based on State Patrol Troop areas: A through E and H for headquarters. See attached map.

What are the requirements?

An authorized SRS “consolette” radio or compatible dispatch console is required to receive the ROC’s. 

By receiving the ROC’s, your dispatchers are expected to monitor the ROC CALL talkgroups 24 hours-a-day/7 days-a-week for the ROC region in which your center is physically located. Every ROC region has the designated hailing talkgroup (ROC CALL) and two tactical talkgroups (ROC 1 and ROC 2).  This ensures that any dispatch center can contact a neighboring dispatch center at any time.  The location of your dispatch center determines whether you will have one or more of the regional ROC’s.

For example, if your dispatch center is located in region D, you will have the D ROC’s (D ROC CALL, D ROC1, and D ROC2).  If your dispatch center borders region E, you will also have the E ROC’s (E ROC CALL, E ROC1, and E ROC2).

The Public Safety Communications team coordinates a weekly Roll Call to all ROC-enabled dispatch centers to insure that their ROC equipment is in working order and the dispatchers are practiced in answering the ROC CALL talkgroups.

What is the fee for using ROC?

There is no fee for using the ROC talkgroups.