Technology without a Business Case

I had the opportunity last month to engage with several other State CIO’s at the CIO Confidential conference in San Antonio, Texas. One of the big topics of conversation for State governments was “Emerging Technology”.



The True Cost of IT

The State of Nebraska utilizes a chargeback accounting model for its shared enterprise IT services. IT chargeback is a financial system for IT departments which works to afford the technology services that are needed by the enterprise business organizations.



Incremental Innovation

With the College World Series starting this week in Omaha, baseball metaphors are once again on my mind. When it comes to innovation or transformation, I am not looking for the homerun, simply small base hits.



Government as an Enterprise Cloud Provider

Over the past few years I have read countless magazine articles with nearly identical statements from different IT Leaders, “Our office is actively working to move everything to the cloud”.  We all desperately want an easy button to fix our problems. The hype cycle surrounding the cloud is in full swing and this is why. 



The Practice of Leadership

I have always thought about leadership in the binary.  I believe only two types of leaders exist, those who react to issues and those who can envision and then articulate forward direction.  When invited to present on the topic of “Leadership”, I normally speak about two different styles of leadership: Transactional Leadership and Transformational Leadership



Process Improvement: What's in a name?

Sometimes the best process improvement efforts are the least fascinating and easiest tools to implement. One year ago we initiated an enterprise self-service password reset tool and as a result, we noticed some dramatic results. I will share the February metrics as an example:



Platform Modernization

In my recent career, I have noticed a common misperception concerning legacy systems which strikes my interest. What I have heard said is that, “X system does not meet the users’ needs.” I remember a pearl of wisdom from my childhood, “There’s no tree but bears some fruit”. Translation: there is nothing so useless that it can’t be of some use.



What Problem Are We Trying To Solve?

At times, every technology organization will struggle to define a problem they want to solve. After four years serving in public sector IT and more than 20 spent in private sector IT roles, I can verify this is a common thread across the field.



2018 Customer Service Year in Review

Customer service is difficult to quantify, especially for a group that thinks in 1’s and 0’s.



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