Investing in Digital Equity: The Case for Broadband Expansion

Nebraska CIO Ed Toner said that for any type of service to take hold, there must be a return on investment. In regard to broadband, Toner believes the private sector can solve the problem. The business case just has to be there. “You've really got to line up your business ahead of time,” Toner said. “It’s 100 percent a cost-benefit analysis...


Nebraska's ArcGIS Hub Site Bridges Gap between Citizens, Government

The Nebraska Office of the CIO (OCIO) provides a wide range of technology services to state agencies, boards, and commissions… Recently staff developed a new version of NebraskaMAP, an ArcGIS Hub open data site that allows individual state agencies to share information with each other and the public on a range of issues...


Agile Millennials and American-Style Privacy

Each year, Government Technology names 25 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers — innovators working inside and alongside government to bring about transformational change. It’s a list that’s grown to nearly 500 people in the almost two decades since the Top 25 program began.

There are usually several chief information officers on the list, and this year is no exception. Ed Toner is the state chief information officer for the state of Nebraska, a role....


Nebraska Election System Chosen for a National Pilot Project

The State of Nebraska has been selected for a National States Geographical Information Council (NSGIC) election systems pilot program aimed at making sure all voters are able to vote on all the issues affecting their exact precinct address and local chief information officers to get to know the people behind the titles...


Setting the Tone for Statewide Initiatives With Nebraska’s CIO

“This Q&A is part of a GovLoop series called “CIO Conversations.” Here, we’ll feature conversational interviews twice a month with current and former federal, state and local chief information officers to get to know the people behind the titles...


Nebraska State CIO: Rip and Replace or Modernize Legacy IT Systems?

Ed Toner, State of Nebraska CIO, knows the importance of agile development and leadership practices. In his role, his mission is to utilize technology to improve the delivery of government services and he and his team have experience...


Nebraska CIO brings private sector skills to state government

… “The governor explained, ‘You’re a process improvement guy. You’re a six sigma black belt. Your background in education is industrial engineering. So process improvement is in your blood, and with all these targets of opportunity, I think you’d have a fun time,'” Toner said. “How could he say ‘no’ to that?”… ...


Governor Ricketts makes stop in Bayard to Tout New Broadband Internet

Governor Pete Ricketts was in Bayard today to celebrate the Sparks grant awarded to the Bayard Public Library...


NASCIO Day One: Collisions Breed Collaboration

Collaboration was the theme that ran through the afternoon session featuring Nebraska Chief Information Officer Ed Toner and Ohio Deputy Director of Enterprise Shared Solutions Deven Mehta. More specifically, each described instances where the state took the lead on projects....


Agile Leadership Podcast Interview with Ed Toner

Ed Toner was Appointed by Governor Pete Ricketts as Chief Information Officer for the State of Nebraska on June 9th, 2015 to utilize technology to improve delivery of government services. Since taking over as Nebraska’s chief information officer, his leadership team has consolidated key information technology systems, resources and services which has positioned the state to provide quality support at lower costs....


Moving agile beyond IT: The secret to successful software delivery

Ed Toner expects his IT workers to embrace agile principles, but he also wants his business-side colleagues to do the same… So much so that Toner, CIO for the State of Nebraska, stipulates agile principles (specifically the need for their ongoing participation in software development and deployment) in the contracts IT signs with the various state departments it serves...


At different stages in consolidation, states look to a more efficient future

Mississippi and Nebraska are at very different parts of their consolidation efforts, but their goals and ambitions as they change the way their governments work along the way couldn’t be more in line. “[Consolidation really enables] the strategy piece of where can you go next?” Mississippi CIO Craig Orgeron says on the first episode of the third season of StateScoop’s Priorities podcast. “If those things are aligned and government is pulling ...


A new task force seeks to bring broadband services to rural Nebraska

Nebraska could do better when it comes to providing broadband services its rural communities’ according to Gov. Pete Ricketts. That’s why the governor signed off on a measure passed by the legislature last session creating a task force of fourteen professionals to analyze the issue and make recommendations...


Partnership aims to close homework gap for rural students

Two Northeast Nebraska public libraries are among five that will participate in a year-long project designed to help rural students be on equal footing when it comes to internet access. The libraries in Bancroft, Verdigre, Genoa, Imperial and Wymore have been selected to work together as partners to increase internet speeds at their facilities as part of a Nebraska Library Commission project that kicks off June 1...


Post-Consolidation, Nebraska Turns to Applications

CIO Ed Toner talks about how the state is taking stock of application now that consolidation is out of the way.

“We’ve really solved a lot of problems on the infrastructure side and now we are taking a really close look at what kind of applications do we have, and [asking] are we really supporting them with the correct infrastructure?”


Project could lower schools' internet costs

Several area stakeholders in education are talking with Network Nebraska about building additional Internet infrastructure in northeast Nebraska with the hope of reducing Internet costs and increasing reliability for the region’s schools…


“Fueling Paperless Processes and Faster Service for Citizens”: CIO, State of Nebraska Case Study (pdf)

…led the state to embark on a digital transformation that simplified and modernized its IT infrastructure. With this transformation, the state has saved more than $11.3 million annually and has delivered paperless services to Nebraskans in record time. From hikers who use Nebraska state parks to new mothers who apply for Health and Human Services programs, all citizens are benefitting from the optimized IT environment…
More (pdf)


Nebraska’s Playbook for IT Centralization

In 2016, the Nebraska state government began an 18-month journey to consolidate its data centers, servers, desktop support and engineering staff. Incident management, core surge requests, problem management and change management functions were also centralized...


A Roadmap for IT Modernization in Government (pdf)

Recent U.S. federal legislation and focus at the highest levels of government has fueled activity across agencies, who spend on average 75–80 percent of their IT budget on operations and maintenance (O M). This activity can significantly improve a public sector environment where new systems development lags behind the private sector, the federal government has excessive costs and significant vulnerability to cyberattacks, and agencies often trail industry in their abil-ity to implement advanced technologies that could dramatically reshape government operations...
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Video: 2017 Tech Year in Review


Lead Developer at State of Nebraska Caleb Wederquist talks IT Challenges at Future of State’s IT Approach

Communicating with your end users, your customers, the teams that are supporting you, your own team. You have to build on that transparency and keep the lines of communication open and clear, so that people really understand what’s going on across the board and what’s changing. That’s how you avoid any of those “Oh, by the way…” moments that take everyone by surprise and send people running…


The State of Nebraska Sheds Light on their approach to swift Digital Transformation

Wederquist spoke with us about how they are utilizing information and case management solution OnBase to ultimately improve their interaction with the residents of Nebraska through digital transformation. To give you an idea of how much information that actually entails, here’s a stats card…


Let’s Talk: Nebraska’s Adoption of Agile Methodology for Agency Success


What workforce problem? Nebraska staffs enterprise services team with recent graduates

In pursuit of meeting a legislative mandate, the State of Nebraska's technology office has stumbled onto one of its most influential changes in years.

Required by law to build a single, searchable website to manage all of the state's receipts, spending and contracts, the Office…


How the State of Nebraska Developed a Single Contract Management Website

They say hindsight is 20/20 and that couldn’t be more accurate when referring to new and old business processes. Sometimes you look back on how you used to do things and think, “how did we...



Blockchain and chatbots and AI. Oh my! Those buzzwords and more were the centerpiece of a discussion around the future of government technology during the Tech Trends to Watch in 2018...


Leading to Simple

Complexity is killing the ability of many companies to innovate and adapt. So, simplicity can be a competitive advantage. Imagine what it’d be like where everyone only engages in essential and meaningful work. How can leaders rebuild their organizations with Simplicity in its DNA? …


“Agile Talent & Cultural Transformation”: CIO, State of Nebraska Case Study (pdf)

The State of Nebraska saw an increased focus on shared services and the need to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of its technology and innovation efforts…
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Agile development helps state government avoid waste, improve project quality, NASCIO report says

Agile is spreading in state government, but it needs champions. After teasing its initial findings earlier this year, the National Association…


Do Headline-Grabbing Breaches Change State Cybersecurity Strategy?

CIOs on the first full day of the NASCIO annual meeting had a lot to say about the fallout from recent cybersecurity events, like the Equifax breach that exposed the data of more than 143 million U.S. consumers. Many agreed…

7 Steps to Agile Development

At its annual conference on Oct. 2, NASCIO, in conjunction with Accenture, released Agile IT Delivery: Imperatives for Government Success. The report is fueled by detailed surveys and interviews...

Engagement increases as agile continues its rise in government

Using agile development to build systems and programs across state government has yet to be a fully mandated practice, but states are increasingly…


Top 25 Coolest GIS Visualizations

Through collaboration between the Nebraska Department of Education and the Office of the Chief Information Officer's GIO team…

How Nebraska Successfully Consolidated State IT Services

Ed Toner, CIO of the state of Nebraska deployed ITSM to consolidate state IT services and improve quality while reducing costs and risk…

Amid IT Consolidation, Nebraska Focuses on the Basics

While state Chief Information Officer Ed Toner continues leading an ‘impossible’ IT consolidation, the technology leader is also focusing on business fundamentals that typically don't get as much press.

The Consolidation End Game? (pdf)

According to Center for Digital Government research, 25 states run IT centrally — the preferred method by a comfortable margin…
More (pdf)

Consolidated IT Operation: The Desired End Game for CIOs?

According to Center for Digital Government research, 25 states run IT centrally — the preferred method by a comfortable margin. Other surveys back up the preference that a consolidated IT operation is the desired end game...

How Nebraska is Driving Change in IT Consolidation

Many public sector Chief Information Officers (CIOs) intuitively know they could be getting significantly more from their IT environments in terms of cost-savings and efficiency. At the state and local level …

How Agile Is Ushering Millennials into IT in Nebraska (pg. 6)

At the NASCIO Midyear conference in Arlington, Va., on Monday, April 24, agile development was on the agenda in a big way. Identified as a top 10 priority for 2017 for the organization, the incremental delivery strategy is bringing a pretty significant side benefit to the workforce in the state of Nebraska…

An Essay About Digital Inclusion and Equity of Access (pg 20) (pdf)

K–12 education and postsecondary education resources are becoming increasingly digital and more and more web-based. Learning management systems, student information systems, and content management systems all require students, parents, teachers, and administrators to have constant…
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StateScoop's Top Women in Technology 2017

In Nebraska, Jayne Scofield has oversight over several telecommunications and network pieces of the state's information technology infrastructure. From public safety and cabling services, to voice, wireless, mid-range and the state's open systems and networks teams, Scofield also works…

Equipping the ‘Silicon Prairie’

Long known for football, corn and mouth-watering steaks, Nebraska’s growing technology sector is quickly turning the state into the country’s next Silicon Valley. “One of the misconceptions is that Omaha and Lincoln aren’t.

How Nebraska's CIO is Pulling Off an 'Impossible' Consolidation

Amid his first tour of government service, Ed Toner is approaching the finish line on a statewide hybrid IT consolidation project he was told he would never complete.

Digital Media is Changing the Face of Libraries

It’s a fair bet that librarians a century ago couldn’t imagine their field’s technological journey from Carnegie to Do Space.

What to Expect: 2017 IT Trends in Government and the Public Sector

Government IT represents a significant percentage of tech spending. Here's some idea where you can expect your tax dollars to be spent in 2017.

State Government Sharing Interactive Maps Online

State agencies in Nebraska are beginning to upload their mappable data to a single website where it can be accessed by anyone.

Text to 911 Coming to Lancaster County

LINCOLN, Neb. It's something we all learn at a very young age...dialing 911.

But here in the 21st century, new technology is even changing the way we call for help.

Ready to Go Paperless? See How Enterprise Content Management is Working to Grow Nebraska.


How Nebraska Kickstarted Consolidation With the Network

Nebraska’s chief information officer merged the state’s network staff, streamlined operations, and prepared for rapid consolidation across the enterprise — all within six months. By Jake Williams

Nebraska Broadband: September/October 2016 (pdf)

Responsive Countryside: The Digital Age and Rural Communities An Interview with Roberto Gallardo
More (pdf)

What Makes a Workflow Project Successful? A Case Study

As an account manager, I see many different approaches for selecting a business process to transform into electronic workflow.

City Will Save Money on 911 Radio System Sharing with State

Lincoln will save more than $570,000 through an arrangement with the state to share emergency radio system assets. 

Nebraska CIO Poised to Save $5.3M Over 10 Years with IT Consolidations

CIO Ed Toner found some key areas for the state to save money following a thorough review of the state's systems.

Nebraska Appoints Ed Toner as CIO

On June 9, Nebraska will have a new CIO... More