OCIO Internet Fax System

  • Works via connection with the Enterprise Email System.
  • Faxes can be sent to or received by, a user’s workstation via email or web application, word processor software, spreadsheet software or PDF scanner.
  • Licensed users can opt to send faxes from the Web.
  • Internet transmission routes outgoing faxes to the recipient’s fax machine, while incoming faxes will be received by the fax service to be routed through the email server to the intended recipient’s address.

Electronic Mailing List (Listserv)

  • Allows designated administrators to transparently send emails to listed subscribers.   
  • Listservs can be announcement-type or discussion-based lists where subscribers can respond to topics.
  • List owners can choose a set group of subscribers or open the list to allow free-will subscriptions.  Subscribers can include both @nebraska.gov addresses and recipients outside of the state network.
  • Electronic mailing lists are self-cleaning, so email addresses that become unreachable for an extended period they will be automatically removed from the list.

Enterprise Email

Hosted by the OCIO for all State of Nebraska users.  Each email account includes the following services:

  • Email mailbox, with storage up to 25 GB.
  • Instant Messaging/Video Conferencing for Business.
  • Intranet Portal for accessing team websites.

Spam Quarantine

Service provided by the OCIO.

  • Allows end-users to filter out suspected spam and marketing emails. 
  • Sends one email each day, listing the emails that were trapped on the previous day. 
  • End-users choose which trapped emails should be released, the remaining emails will age out.


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