Geographic Information Office (GIO)

The Geographic Information Office provides enterprise-level data and technology services to state agencies and partnering political subdivisions. These services work in collaboration with the NITC GIS Council to support the NESDI Strategic Initiative and other statutory requirements.

Our Mission

Improve the quality and lower the cost of government services, through collective investment in and effective application of geospatial data and systems. Reach beyond government by making geospatial data freely and publicly available to the fullest extent possible in consideration of privacy and security.


Provide coordination, management, and maintenance of the following:

  • Nebraska Spatial Data Infrastructure (NESDI) Strategic Initiative action items through the Nebraska Information Technology Commission (NITC) and GIS Council.
  • Geospatial data holdings, metadata, and data sharing activities through NebraskaMAP.
  • Nebraska Statewide Imagery and Elevation Programs, statewide aggregated databases for Geospatial Preparedness, Homeland Security, Land Records/Parcels, and the Nebraska Address Database (NAD).
  • State's Enterprise Geospatial/GIS through data inventory and hosting, map curating, spatial analytics, web map applications, and services for end-users.
  • State’s Geospatial/GIS data and software contracts, providing application solutions, training, and technical support to employees of State agencies.

The GIO Office also provides technical expertise and oversight to policy and standards related to geospatial data and technologies. Overall, it strives to support existing and future efforts to improve the quality of geospatial data in Nebraska through coordination and collaboration with the larger GIS community.


Please Contact:

Casey DunnGossin, State GIS Coordinator
Nebraska Office of the CIO