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What is ROC Equipment?

ROC equipment is simply a VHF trunked radio device that communicates across the SRS to other SRS and/or ROC users via specific ROC talkgroups. All approved SRS equipment can perform this function. A control station can be interfaced to the dispatch console allowing the dispatcher to connect users from local radio systems to SRS/ROC users on demand when events occur that necessitate joint communications.

How to get a ROC Consolette?

A manufacturer representative or service shop can quote the equipment and installation costs.  The ROC consolette is the most popular method used for interoperability on the SRS. Agencies that purchase an SRS compatible dispatch console gain many other communications options and features. The ROC consolette can be configured as a back-up resource. A detailed design discussion with a manufacturer representative is needed to assess and quote your dispatch requirements. Please coordinate the details of your equipment/installations with the Public Safety Communications team.

Who maintains my ROC Equipment?

Purchase, installation, maintenance, and repairs of the equipment is the responsibility of the agency that requested it.

How to obtain funding for your ROC Radio

Check with the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) for the availability of grants that may help fund all or a portion of the purchase of your ROC equipment.

The SRS ROC radio can be connected to the radio console


or it can be installed in the dispatch center as a stand-alone radio near the radio console