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The Office of the Chief Information Officer (Division of Communications) is tasked to coordinate the purchase, lease, and use of communications services, equipment, and facilities for state government, as defined by state statute 81-1120.17. OCIO teams advise agencies of the state and political subdivisions (county/city agencies) on communications. The Public Safety Communications Team specifically deals with public safety communications radio equipment.

To assist in fulfilling the purchasing requirements for public safety communications equipment, the State has established contracts with public safety communications manufacturers and their authorized representatives. All vendors must meet the State of Nebraska qualifications as listed on the Administrative Services Materiel Webpage. If you have specific questions, please call the State Purchasing Bureau at 402.471.2401.

If you are contemplating purchasing radio equipment or have any questions, you should start by contacting the Public Safety Communications Team. Our level of involvement in this process will vary depending on whether you are a state agency or a county/city agency. We will provide guidance to obtain quotes from vendors and coordinate equipment implementations with you and your equipment provider.