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Getting the ROC’s at your dispatch center is EASY!

Step 1: Your dispatch agency completes and submits all 3 pages of the Nebraska Statewide Radio System Notice of Intent to Participate. Check the option that best fits your intentions.
The choices are:

  • This agency intends to participate on the Nebraska SRS and requires its own talk groups
  • This agency intends to participate only for interoperability with other agencies and requires only shared talk groups
  • This agency requires more information before declaring its intentions.

Step 2: Complete and submit the Nebraska Statewide Radio System Interoperability Agency Profile.
Step 3: The Public Safety Communications team coordinates a meeting or conference call with you and your radio service shop to answer your questions, discuss your intentions, and the equipment you will need.
Step 4: Your radio service shop provides you with the equipment/installation/ programming quote after having our group verify that the quote includes the correct equipment and options.
Step 5: You order the equipment from your radio shop and keep us informed of equipment arrival and planned installation date. We coordinate the programming and testing with your radio shop.
Step 6: After installation/testing, we schedule the ROC Orientation Training and practice with your dispatch center.
Step 7: We provide your dispatch and field personnel with the ROC orientation, practice making ROC calls and test patching (if available on your dispatch consoles) using your frequencies to the ROC talkgroups.
Step 8: Your dispatchers now have a way to talk directly to the SRS-users and for the SRS-users to talk directly to them.