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Participation is flexible, allowing your agency to decide on the appropriate level of participation in the Statewide Radio System (SRS). Your existing local communications system can be integrated into your SRS migration options to support both local and SRS talk resources. It is not necessary to replace all of your equipment at once.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I learn more?

The Public Safety Communications Team is available to answer your questions and customize your participation in the Statewide Radio System.

What is the cost to join?

The cost depends on your level of participation. After the Public Safety Communications representative meets with your agency representatives and determines your needs, costs will be discussed.

How do I know what my options are before committing to join the SRS?

Just complete the Intent to Participate form (pdf) and check the box indicating that you would like more information. A Public Safety Communications Team member will meet with you to discuss your agency's needs and develop a cost-effective solution.

How will my agency be represented in SRS governance?

Joining the SRS as a user agency allows your agency to become a member of the System User Group (SUG). Representatives from each agency join together monthly to discuss SRS issues. The SUG provides an open forum for all user agencies to have a voice.

Can I try the SRS before I commit to join?

Most definitely. Both the Public Safety Communications Team and the manufacturer representative can provide SRS radios for your agency to “test drive” the Statewide Radio System.

Steps to Participate (pdf)