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Wire Repairs up High

The Nebraska Statewide Radio System (SRS) is a collective partnership between the State of Nebraska-Office of the Chief Information Officer and the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD). These partners jointly built and funded this project through an interlocal agreement. By building one statewide, shared radio system instead of two separate systems, they saved the Nebraska taxpayers over $20 million.


The interlocal agreement established the following:

  • System Operating Group (SOG): This group is comprised of an NPPD administrator and an OCIO administrator who are responsible to implement, manage, operate, and govern the SRS.

  • System Administrative Group (SAG): The group includes all Public Safety Communications team members from both NPPD and OCIO. The main responsibilities are to operate and maintain the SRS and provide recommendations for its sustainment and improvement.

  • System User Group (SUG): This group consists of representatives from user agencies. They meet monthly and discuss SRS updates, issues, concerns, and lessons learned.