State employees have a reservation-less Conference Bridge available for use. With the new bridge:

  • You will never have to pre-arrange a conference call again with a conference operator
  • Never again experience a ‘locked’ bridge
  • Your account is good until it is canceled
  • There is no limit to the number of participants on the call, however, if over 100 a heads up to the conference operator is appreciated
  • Accounts can be set up quickly and over the phone
  • When setting up an account, you will need to provide your name, phone number, agency name and billing number
  • You will be given your moderator code which is the control code of the conference call, an attendee code and an access number to call in a return email
  • Whenever you want to conduct a conference call you will use these same codes (control and attendee codes) and access the same number each time
  • Billing for all your conference calls will continue to come from the OCIO on your telephone bill
  • The rate for the reservation-less system will be a flat $.05 a minute usage rate per participant with NO set up fee

To create a new account please call 402-472-3711.  You will need to provide:  your contact name, contact number, agency name and billing number.  You also may be required to follow up your phone call with a written request to:
You can also send an email with the required information to the above email address to request a new account.
You will receive a return email response when your account has been set up with your moderator code, attendee code and access number.  You will also be sent basic instructions along with your credentials.