The state telephone network is provided for OFFICIAL STATE BUSINESS ONLY.  Personal long-distance calls are contrary to provisions of State Law. 

Statute 81-1120.27 states: The facilities of the State's telecommunications systems are provided for the conduct of state business.  In addition, the state's telecommunications systems, cellular telephones, electronic handheld devices, or computers may be used by state employees and officials for emails, text messaging, local calls, and long-distance calls to children at home, teachers, doctors, daycare centers, baby sitters, family members, or others to inform them of unexpected schedule changes, and for other essential personal business.  Any such use for essential personal business shall be kept to a minimum and shall not interfere with the conduct of state business.  A state employee or official shall be responsible for payment or reimbursement of charges, if any, that directly result from any such communication.  The Department of Administrative Services may establish procedures for reimbursement of charges pursuant to this section.

Section 49-14,101.01(4) of the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act provides that no public official or public employee shall use or authorize the use of personnel, resources, property, or funds under his or her official care and control other than in accordance with the law.  Therefore, misuse of the state telephone system could constitute a violation of section 49-14,101.01(2).  A violation could result in a civil penalty of up to $2,000 or it could result in criminal prosecution.  These consequences would be in addition to any disciplinary action taken by the employee's agency.