The Cabling Service Unit's primary function is to install and maintain low voltage cabling facilities for State agencies. These facilities are used for the transmission of voice and data and includes local area network cabling. Our involvement in cable-related matters ranges from simple advice to the complete installation of new facilities. The installations can involve one agency of small size to an entire building, and sometimes, campus distribution systems.


  • Procurement of telecommunications cable and wire facilities.
  • Installation of telecommunications cable and wire facilities.
  • Repair and maintenance of telecommunications cable and wire facilities.
  • Design of cable and wiring plans for State facilities.


Network Services works closely with the State Building Division to ensure that agency wire and cable needs are pre-planned prior to an agency moving or renovating their facilities. However, we would be happy to meet with your agency to assist in the pre-planning process.

Please Contact

NickAmen, IT Manager, Cabling Services
Nebraska Office of the CIO