The z/OS Group (formerly known as MVS) supports the State’s large-scale mainframe computing systems. These systems provide base services to thousands of Nebraskans 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The z/OS platform provides simultaneous service to hundreds of TSO users, processes several thousand batch jobs per day and provides the computing power for the CICS and Database Management services. In addition, over two trillion characters of information are stored online with several trillion more available on tape media.

Network access to the State’s mainframe server is provided by the z/OS Networking section of the z/OS Group. They support client access, both legacy SNA and IP, to the many applications running on the mainframe server such as DB2, CICS and TSO. Services such as FTP provide secure access to mainframe data, and provide business partners of the State a method to retrieve or supply data to the State. The z/OS Networking staff support the z/OS firewalls which protect the z/OS mainframe server from unauthorized access. This group also assists other Information and Technology Services divisions in analyzing connectivity and performance issues that concern mainframe server application access.