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The Public Safety Communications Team stays informed on the latest radio system technologies to offer additional services that complement the communications needs of our customers. Here are a few of the new services that are in various stages of development. Contact the Public Safety Communications Team for more information.

  • WAVE 5000 System: This service extends the Statewide Radio System to smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers. If internet connectivity is available, users can communicate from anywhere in the world.
  • Deployable Communications Resources: The Public Safety Communications team has developed some deployable assets that can enhance communications coverage for temporary events and incidents.
    • DK I: Deployable Kit-type 1: VHF mobile radio in a small, transportable case with a magnetic mount antenna, 12V vehicle accessory plug, programmed with SRS trunked "talk groups" and VTAC interop frequencies.
    • DK II: Deployable Kit-type 2: A DK I kit with an 800 MHz repeater. This enables 800 MHz portable radios to access selected SRS trunked "talk groups"
    • Site on Wheels (SOW): This is a mobile, VHF SRS trunked site with a 90’ guyed tower, that can be towed with a medium-sized pickup truck. It includes a shelter and a 10 kW diesel generator. The SOW is used for longer-term events, due to the deployment and operations requirements.
  • Text Messaging: This is a new service available for Motorola radios that allows users to text message each other with their radios.
  • Logger Recording: This is a service that is available for agencies that need to record their radio traffic.
  • Customized Radio User Reporting: The Public Safety Communications team uses specialized reporting tools that can create customized reporting to meet your agency requirements.