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The Public Safety Communications Team is able to offer additional services for agencies to simplify the management of a large fleet of radios. These services are restricted to specific models of radios and can make programming, updating frequencies, rekeying encryption, etc. for a group of radios faster and more convenient than current methods of maintaining radios. These services can be used separately or combined to enhance your fleet management. Contact the Public Safety Communications Team for more information.

  • Radio Management- A software suite for the Motorola APX family of radios. Multiple radios can be scheduled for programming by a technician or administrator in one easy step. The programming can occur from a different location using a tablet or computer when it is attached to the radio by the user. No technician is required to touch the radio. Contact the Public Safety Communications Team for more information.

  • Benefits

    • Schedule an update to your radio fleet in one step.
    • Saves time. No more scheduling a service shop technician and radio users for hours of programming time.
    • More efficient with fewer chances for errors since multiple radios are prescheduled with the correct programming.
    • Less technician fees, since users, touch their own radios.
    • Less downtime for law enforcement officers.

    Easy to Use

    • Launch Radio Management on your desktop or tablet.
    • Choose which radios you want to update based on their user IDs.
    • The updates are scheduled and take effect when the radios are attached via a programming cable.
    • Once the programming is completed, the radio restarts and the cable is removed.

  • Over-the-Air Rekeying OTAR/Over-the-Air Programming OTAP- These optional features are available on specific models of radios. Radios with these features will allow them to be updated over-the-air, eliminating the need to attach cables to each radio. This saves time, money, and reduces officer downtime. Contact the Public Safety Communications Team for more information.