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National Interoperability Frequencies:

  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) designated interoperability frequencies available nationwide to any FCC-licensed public safety agency.
  • Nebraska state agencies have the VTAC and 8TAC national interoperability frequencies in their radios. All Nebraska responder agencies are encouraged to include the appropriate VTAC, UTAC, 7TAC and 8TAC frequencies applicable to their radios.
  • Mutual aid channels may be designated in a local or regional plan to be used by multiple agencies for specific uses: fire, police, or emergency medical services.
  • For additional information, please see the latest National Interoperability Field Operations Guide (NIFOG)

Interoperability Planning:

The following tools are available for interoperability planning:

  • The Statewide Communication Interoperability Plan (SCIP) is a multi-jurisdictional statewide plan to enhance emergency communications. The state of Nebraska version is under development. Contact Mike Jeffres for more information.
  • The Tactical Interoperable Communications Plan (TICP) is designed to allow states to document interoperability assets in the area, showing how they are shared, and how to request, activate, or deactivate them. The state of Nebraska document is under development. Contact Mike Jeffres for more information.
  • The Communication Assets Survey and Mapping Tool (CASM) is used by public safety agencies to document their communication assets and related information like radio systems, mutual aid channels/talk groups, gateways, radio caches, dispatch centers, and points of contact. Log-in credentials are required. Mike Jeffres is the Nebraska CASM administrator who can be contacted for further information.

FCC 700/800 MHz Planning:

The National Regional Planning Council (NRPC) is a collaborative network consisting of both 700 & 800 MHz public safety regional planning committees as established by the Federal Communications Commission.