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Thanks to Governor Jim Pillen and the Nebraska State Legislature for providing $5 million in grants for the State of Nebraska Volunteer Fire Departments (VFD). All NE VFDs are invited to apply for the VFD Radio grant. This grant is intended to supply volunteer fire departments with radio equipment to facilitate communication with state agencies.

  • NOTE: While we would like to supply all 472 Nebraska VFDs with SRS Radio Kits, that will not be possible during the 2023/2024 budget year due to time and budget constraints. Instead, we will be using a selection process for all applications received by 9/30/23. We estimate 172 SRS Radio Kits will be awarded for 2023/2024. Applicants will be notified by 10/31/23, if selected to receive an SRS Radio Kit.

Grant Equipment, Qualifications & Timeline Information


SRS VFD Training Information

Notice to all Attendees:

Those VFDs that are getting the equipment in a case will receive it at the first training session they attend. For departments that will have the equipment installed, the vendor you chose during the application process will reach out to schedule a mutually agreeable installation date. There is no need to bring any apparatus to training. The training will be in a classroom setting with power supplies available for practice with the equipment.

What to expect:


  • After submitting the application form:
    1. 9/30/23 – VFD application submission deadline.
    2. 10/18/23 – OCIO to select recipients using a lottery system with percentages determined in step #2.
    3. 10/31/23 – OCIO to notify grantees of determination.
    4. Develop programming template for radios.
    5. 11/30/23 - Publish training dates for VFDs and schedule installation.
    6. 12/15/23 – ETA for initial equipment order from vendor
    7. Program radios and configure equipment.
    8. Add radios to system.
    9. Deliver equipment during training session.
    10. Grantee’s monthly test participation is expected from this point forward.



  • Information will be disseminated through the Nebraska State Volunteer Firefighter Association (NSVA) and SRS System Users Group.
  • Email questions to:
    Kelsey C. Hetrick - Systems Coordinator
    Office: 402-471-0209 or