In 1993, the Governor and the Legislature established the Intergovernmental Data Services Program (IDSP) and assigned it the responsibility for managing the statewide, shared computer system that links county governments and state agencies. The purpose of the system is to improve the quality of data and access to information, streamline agency operations, and reduce costs, especially by avoiding the need for duplicate systems if state agencies installed separate networks.  The IDSP promotes opportunities for improved service or efficiency in the public sector by encouraging interagency and intergovernmental data sharing through facilitation, coordination, oversight, or implementation of projects. 

Today, the IDSP integrated network is present in all 93 counties throughout the State, providing critical networking services to several state agencies and all county courthouses. Through its popular lease program, IDSP provides network computing devices such as personal computers (desktops and laptops), printers and peripherals as well as the support services for data connectivity to state agencies and county offices located throughout all 93 counties. IDSP field technicians make routine service trips to county offices throughout the State to support and maintain its network infrastructure and services. Among the major applications residing on the IDSP server network are the Department of Motor Vehicles’ Vehicle Title and Registration (VTR) application and the Nebraska Supreme Court’s case management system (JUSTICE).