The GIO Office hosts and delivers geospatial content, web services, location-based services (LBS), and other applications through the Enterprise Geospatial/GIS platform. User agencies can integrate GIS and geospatial data with map capabilities and spatial content into new or existing websites and applications from our hosted geospatial data, geoprocessors and viewers. Access to this data and services enhances traditional analytics and decision support tools by providing a geographical/spatial context and meaning to information.

Geospatial Data Management, Hosting, and Web Map Applications

These services provide access to and hosting of geospatial data, geoprocessors, geolocators, and web-based mapping applications and services.

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Data and Software Licensing

The State utilizes statewide enterprise agreements and other purchasing contracts for maintaining geospatial data and software.

State of Nebraska Esri K-12 Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)

The Nebraska Department of Education and the Office of the CIO partnered to bring free GIS software and online mapping service through a statewide educational enterprise license agreement (ELA) with Esri. This provides software and online instruction for all K-12 schools, districts, staff, students, and formal youth clubs in the state. This software and service are valued at $80,000 per year.

Nebraska Educational GIS Initiative

Other Software Licensing

The GIO Office manages, negotiates, and evaluates other desktop and web-based applications that benefit the overall enterprise solution. A project idea plan will need to be submitted to begin the process to evaluate software to be supported across the enterprise platform.


A variety of training opportunities exist annually on a variety of topics supporting geospatial data and GIS technologies. These are available through webinars, self-paced tutorials, and face-to-face training opportunities.

Support and Technical Assistance

  • Service Portal

    If you have a project and need assistance from the Geographic Information Office, please submit a service request via the Enterprise Service Portal or if you need support you may enter an incident request using the appropriate link below.
    Service Request
    Incident Request

  • Email

    Electronic mailing lists have been created to connect users to share and receive important information about data, software, and web map applications.

  • Support Materials and Resources

    Support materials are made available to our state employees through an online secure portal.


Please Contact:

Casey DunnGossin, State GIS Coordinator
Nebraska Office of the CIO