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Blog: Achieving The Trifecta

Since my first days in manufacturing, I have understood there is a defined criteria for measuring project success. This criteria is known as the “triple constraint” or the Industrial Engineering Triangle. With this theory, we are constantly trying to balance three variables: Cost- Speed- Quality.

Cost- Speed- Quality Trifecta Venn Diagram

As an Engineer I was taught that cost was the most important factor for a product because most customers of our product want a cost-effective solution. But lower cost did not mean I could reduce the quality, it meant I had to provide the best quality within a given cost with the best use of all the resources available.

Over the years I learned and applied multiple process standards in an effort to accomplish those goals. The OCIO now applies Lean as our process methodology and almost a year ago the OCIO achieved our goal of 100% White Belt certification. We have successfully incorporated Agile into our Development organization. I believe quality, speed and lower cost can only be obtained through more efficient and effective processes like removing redundancy, waste and bureaucracy. This is why we apply lean principles to what matters most to our customers.

The long standing thought is that one cannot adjust one variable without negatively affecting at least one of the other variables. For example, if you want increased quality you will have a negative effect on either Cost or Speed or both. Likewise, when you decrease funding it can have a negative effect on speed or quality. If you can increase quality (availability), increase speed (time to respond and resolve) and do both at lower cost, then you have achieved something special and rare. The Trifecta is something I always worked towards but very rarely ever experienced.

This sought-after trifecta of Lower Cost, Increased Speed and Increased Quality is exactly what you as employees of the OCIO have accomplished with the completion of the IT Infrastructure Consolidation effort.

Thanks for your continued cost-effective and quality service to the State and the Citizens of Nebraska!


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