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Blog: Phase Three Regional IT Support Centers

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IT Consolidation Phase 3 is well underway, with the discovery process being led by a multi-agency group consisting of Jayne Scofield and Aaron Weaver (OCIO), Joe Homan (Department of Health and Human Services), Suzy Fredrickson (Nebraska Department Of Roads) and Serenity Kinney (Department of Administrative Services). 


I could explain in detail the advantages of our phase 3 consolidation, but I think Pam Kunzman (Nebraska State Patrol) and Joe Homan(DHHS) already did in the email thread below with assists from Robert Greene (Scottsbluff - DHHS) and Aaron Courtright (North Plate – DHHS).


From: Kunzman, Pam
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2017 10:14 AM
To: Homan, Joe
Subject: Western Nebraska Help

Hi Joe,

I know we have not started this arrangement yet, but I was wondering if I could ask a favor of you. 

NSP has a dispatch center in Scottsbluff that is shutting down.  The troop office will remain, but the dispatchers will no longer work out of that location.  We have a dispatch workstation (4 monitors and a CPU, UPS, and perhaps radio console) that need to be disconnected.  Do you have an IT person in Scottsbluff who could disconnect it in an orderly fashion for us and document what plugs in where? 

We would have a trooper move the equipment from Scottsbluff to North Platte.  Then, if there was an IT person in the North Platte area who could reconnect the workstation at the North Platte dispatch center that would be ideal.  If not, one of the North Platte dispatchers could reconnect it following the documentation written when it was disconnected. 

We need to have this equipment moved by March 31 – that is when they are shutting down Scottsbluff dispatch center.

Please advise if you have anyone who could assist with this.



From: Homan, Joe
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2017 10:19 AM
To: Kunzman, Pam
Subject: RE: Western Nebraska Help


This is not a problem at all.  I am including Robert Greene (Scottsbluff) and Aaron Courtright (NP) who can assist with this computer system move.  Below are the contact numbers for Robert and Aaron.  Please feel free to reach out to them to make arrangements to the equipment to be picked up and setup.

Robert Greene 308-xxx-xxxx
Aaron Courtright 308-xxx-xxxx


First, how would this request have been handled today, pre-consolidation?

  1. Send IT resource from Lincoln to Scottsbluff to collect the IT equipment
  2. Licoln to Scottsbluff

    Lincoln to Scottsbluff
    6 h 5 min (402 miles)


  3. Drive to North Platte to Install the IT equipment
  4. Scottsbluff to North Platte

    Scottsbluff to North Platte
    2 h 57 min (179 miles)


  5. Drive back to Lincoln from North Platte

  6. North Platte to Lincoln

    North Platte to Lincoln
    3 h 19 min (228 miles)


  7. 12 hours of IT travel time, mileage, meals, hotel cost. Two days to meet the request.

Roundtrip, Lincoln to Scottsbluff to North Platte back to Lincoln

Round Trip
12 h 21 min (809 miles)


Now, how will this request be handled in Post-Phase 3 consolidation?

  1. IT resource spends time disconnecting equipment in Scottsbluff (1 hour)
  2. IT resource spends time connecting equipment in North Platte (1 hour)
  3. Trooper travels from Scottsbluff to North Platte (3 hours – gives out 1 speeding citation per hour…Just kidding Colonel Rice)


Scottsbluff to North Platte

Scottsbluff to North Platte
2 h 57 min (179 miles)


Phase 3 will endorse several IT service centers across the state, to provide effective, efficient, and customer-focused service to State Government and, in turn, ­ to the Citizens we are in business to support.

As always, I appreciate your hard work and respect for the taxpayers of the State of Nebraska, which you show each and every day.


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