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Blog: Continuing our Journey

As shared in previous blogs, the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) is always looking for opportunities to improve information technology services to our customers. A great deal of interesting work is being done in all of our groups but I wanted to highlight the Network and Open Systems teams in this Blog.

On Tuesday, May 10,  the OCIO Network team successfully completed the network migration of the Department of Corrections to the “New World” architecture without incident.  They now share our network and failover capability.  As you can see from the chart below, Network migration for Retirement was also completed in January. 

The best news of the week for the Network team was completion of Phase 1 of the centralization effort which involved centralizing Network functions within the OCIO to improve talent utilization and reduce costs.  The OCIO Network team has also added 10 new positions to their group, which will enable them to continue their consolidation effort.  A very welcomed addition!

The Open Systems team moved two groups to the STN domain as well:   the Historical Society in January  and Agriculture in March. They will be part of Phase 2 in our consolidation efforts to be completed later this summer.

OCIO Initiative


A Lot of good work being done by you all and I hope to spend time soon highlighting some of the other departments.  

As always, I appreciate the hard work and respect for the taxpayers of the State of Nebraska you show each and every day.


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