Ed Toner

Blog: 6 Month Review -Your Progress So Far

It’s been 6 months since I joined State Government. I thought now would be a good time to take a look at how much you have all accomplished.

Soon after starting I decided to set some basic strategic goals and define an OCIO Roadmap for the first 18 months, which are available at https://sharepoint.nebraska.gov/ocio/home/rm/SitePages/Home.aspx.

Every week you deliver on one or more projects directly related to our 18 month plan. I am fully aware that you all have a “day job” but to your credit you never mention it. Whether it is discussing change management, network consolidation strategy or server consolidation. You smile and move forward.

At a very high level let’s review some of the work you have completed to date:


sign:  work in progress


Phase 1— stepping stones for the subsequent phases – All initiatives have made progress towards our goals

Single Help Desk Solution
  • Core group (OCIO,DOR,DOL,DAS) Incident Management application deployment completed with the remaining Code Agencies transitioning in 2016.
Service Catalog
  • Core group deployment scheduled for January 2016 with the institutionalized use of service level agreements and performance metrics to follow.
Change Management solution
  • Core group deployment scheduled for January 2016 to incorporate standardize change control processes throughout Code Agencies.
Enhance Information Security
  • Mobile Device Management standards and software.
  • PII, PCI, CJIS, FTI and HIPAA compliance review and documentation.
  • Implement single authentication/identity/account management work in progress.
  • Initiated encryption on all WAN circuits.
Enhanced Operations Center
  • Added IT Administrator to leadership team in October to bring his private industry experience and knowledge to enable and empower the Operations staff in the areas of incident management, monitoring and front line support.
  • Expanding number and role of IT managers at the agency level. Hired IT Manager for Revenue, recruiting for Labor.
IT Cost Efficiencies
  • Identify and consolidate and/or eliminate disparate technology (HW/SW) within and across State agencies has STARTED with $5.3 M in savings over 10 years.
  • Institute a central governance model for technology purchases and IT purchase tracking is complete.
Operationalize IT and Project Governance
  • Added additional Project Management staff and have plan in place to fully utilize the State Government Council for governance and oversight.
Consolidate on STN domain
  • $300K+ in cost avoidance on network equipment once migration from Department of Health and Human Services is complete. Several other Code Agencies and savings to follow.
Initiate Data Center consolidation
  • Identifying and prioritizing agency servers for migration.
  • Migrated Nebraska State Patrol computer rooms/closets into existing OCIO DC’s with other Core Agencies work in progress.
  • Migrating physical servers to virtual machines across all Core Agencies.
Initiate Active/Hot Standby solution
  • Moved Nebraska State Patrol Tier One applications to active/ hot standby. All Enterprise Tier 1 Applications to follow.
  • Mainframe expansion to support the active/active data center approach, initiating move of mainframe tape and DASD from UNMC data center to Dot.comm.
  • 501 Master plan, focus on hardening the 501 data center and eliminate single points of failure.
  • Initiated project plan to replace core IVR and make it active/hot standby.

Now that you have shown your ability to execute….one last thought:

"If our customers had a choice, would they still choose us?"

cartoon of poor customer service

You have all done a fantastic job and I want to thank each and every one of you for your efforts every day.