Ed Toner

Blog: The journey has begun in regards to Centralization

As with an earlier blog (Changes Ahead) referencing the consolidation of Help Desk software, the team has once again delivered on our long term strategy in regards to the Consolidation Model (Blog: “Always good to have a plan”). This model offers a balance between autonomy, cost efficiency and risk.  Agencies are allowed to focus on supporting applications that address their customers’ goals, while being agnostic to the underlying infrastructure.  Focus is centered on what matters to their customers, including bringing new products to market or enhancing existing products.

A few weeks ago the OCIO staff worked with the Nebraska State Patrol IT staff to complete a successful move of all of the State Patrol servers into the Lincoln and Omaha Data Centers as well as migrate onto the “New World” network infrastructure.  Many thanks to both IT teams led by Jim Sheets and Pam Kunzman, and also the direction provided by the Command Staff at State Patrol lead by Colonel Brad Rice.  This is the first of many moves toward consolidation planned over the next 18 months. The business of the State Patrol is important to our community, and we appreciate their trusting us and working with us on this very important project.  As a result, the benefits include redundancy of mission critical applications supported by network routing, hardware and separation and duplication of data centers.

Again my thanks to both teams for their commitment to change and teamwork!

And as always, thanks to the folks at the OCIO for the work being done daily to support the IT needs of the State.



The following OCIO/Patrol employees helped make this move a successful one:

Office of the CIO

Gavin Bingman
Patrick Seim
Steve Sheets
Aaron Weaver
Kathy Wenzl

Nebraska State Patrol:

Jason Arensdorf
Steve Carey
JR Carlson
Dan Johnson
Nathan Little
Charlie Lucas
Bruce Luhr
Chris Neukirch
Jeremiah Parker
Dan Schneider
Xue Tian
Kor Tot
Deb Wingrove
Elliot Wood