Ed Toner

Blog: Changes Ahead

The title of my blog a few weeks ago was “Nebraska’s Tech should Talk”.  It discussed an effort to begin consolidating Help Desk tools. It meant that the Office of the CIO along with our partners would move to a mutual Help Desk tool. This is the start of many synergies and efficiencies in incident, service request, change and problem management.

It was easy for me to set the goal and the timeline, I simply planned the new tool roll out to coincide with our next contract renewal. I knew at the time that it was not as easy for the team to actually deliver on the timeline, but to their credit they all nodded their heads in agreement and gave total support. I have no idea what the conversation was after I left the room????

Sign: Changes Ahead! Please excuse our mess while we do some remodeling!

To the entire teams credit……...they delivered

Work continues on developing Service Request and Change Management modules. The Department of Roads will begin using Service Manager once those modules are ready to use.

Again my thanks to the current team and the new members of the team for their commitment to change and teamwork!