Ed Toner

Blog: Nebraska's Tech Should Talk

The title for this blog comes from the Omaha World Herald article that ran Sunday, August 2, 2015. In the article I talked about an ongoing partnership that initially involves four agencies: Department of Labor, the Department of Correctional Services, the Department of Roads and the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

We are on track for a September deployment to utilize a unified service management application to host the partner agencies’ incident reports and service requests. There are cost savings to be realized by combining individual software and hardware costs. Additionally, a unified system will allow us to standardize processes and simplify communication between groups.

This will lead to incident management improvements, allowing integration of a service request system and the introduction of a service catalog. The service catalog will be an online document with information about available IT services which can be requested, approved, tracked and monitored to effectively and efficiently deliver the service to our customers. This solution facilitates future automated processes and enables each Help Desk to monitor and ensure services meet communicated expectations.

Future enhancements include sharing a change management module that provides oversight across the State’s IT services to minimize disruption, assess risk, and align multiple change schedules to mitigate conflicts. Also problem management which assists in minimizing the impact of incidents and maximizes communication to restore services and eliminate the root causes.


Partnership Members:



Consolidation Partners

The most import piece...Governance: The Decision Making Process.

All agencies participating will be partners in this process with equal input into the product roadmap and future enhancements. The implementation of an IT governance process is mandatory to support the initiative and achieve its operational objectives.