Ed Toner

Blog: Best State to do business with?

I think it is a habit from years of working in the finance industry that I still read Forbes, Kiplinger and other related magazines.  I see a lot of article’s that list the “Best and Worst States for Business”.  They are referring to the pro-business regulatory climate, robust employment outlook, etc.  Nebraska seems to always appear in the top 10. 

Last night I Googled every way I could to find out which States are the best at responding to their resident’s needs. I could not find anything and finally having enough frustration for the evening I gave up to watch American Genius on the National Geographic Channel (no, not the college world series). 

Here is my task for us as members of the OCIO:

Open Quote How do we improve the way residents of our State do business with us? We need to understand what customers want, need and value and then make that available easier, faster and more convenient for customers. Close Quote

Mobile Apps?

“Apps are growing in popularity because the mobile phone offers a couple of advantages that no other communications channel can compete with”, Ian Finley, managing vice president at Gartner.

Finley estimates that delivering services via mobile would allow us to reach more than 90 percent of the State population, compared to 30 or 40 percent for web-based applications. That estimate includes hard-to-reach sectors such as the very poor or elderly.

Creating the apps is not as important as making sure we understand what residents want. Since we are part of that population, please share your thoughts.