Electronic Forms:

Electronic Forms allow for a simple transition from paper forms to digital media.  Forms can be designed to mimic their paper equivalents and can be more easily updated than paper forms.  Electronic forms can also be submitted from anywhere, at any time of day, from any device, resulting in a more efficient processing environment and government.


Workflow is used to automatically route documents between users for processing (approval, rejection, comments, etc.) and filing, eliminating the cost and time-consuming process of manually routing, processing, and filing forms and documents.

Document Composition:

Document Composition can automatically generate documents including contracts, letters, notices, invoices, and more using data stored in the ECM system.  These documents can then be printed, emailed, or stored in ECM for retrieval by customers and users at any time.


Scanning offers the ability to quickly input physical documents into ECM for processing or storage with minimal user interaction.

Folders and File Cabinets:

Folders and File Cabinets create a virtual alternative to physical filing that’s as simple to use as a traditional filing system at a fraction of the cost. Files are available for retrieval by customers and users at any time making finding information easy and efficient.


These are just a few of the most commonly used modules but there are many more available.