NET is now providing two new services, video conference live streaming and video on demand (VOD) recording services.  These services are available to clients who have video conferencing systems or Cisco Jabber clients that can connect to the State of Nebraska Video Conferencing Network (NVCN) bridge. You can make a request to connect to the NVCN bridge to stream video conferences by:

  • Calling the NCVN Scheduling Helpdesk at 402.471.4130
  • Via email at

Advanced reservations are required and should be submitted 3 working days prior to the event. Current rates and conditions to connect to the State of Nebraska Video Conferencing bridge will apply. NET will bill your agency for the streaming and VOD recording service.  Your agency will receive a separate bill for  video conferencing services you have booked from the CIO’s office.  Established NVCN and NET cancellation fees will apply for service requests that are not cancelled within 48 hours prior to the event.    
NET can provide the following streaming services.  

  • Live video conference streaming
  • Service will be presented on NET’s generic web page that includes the NET video player
  • A URL link to the stream will be provided via email within 24 hours of being scheduled to the conference scheduler
  • Requests for Legislative/Court Government video conference streaming using this system will be made available with NET’s video player on the Live and On-Demand Government section of NET’s website
  • A recording of the stream is available as a Video on Demand file (VOD)
  • The request for recording should be submitted at the time the stream is booked.
  • A web quality (VOD) file will be provided encoded at 512 Kbps in (MP4) format
  • The VOD file will be posted to an FTP service within the next working day of the conference and be available for 3 working days for download
  • If your agency has access to the NVCN Cisco TCS to record a private video conference, continue to use that service for records

If a client has never streamed from the video conferencing end point location, a test  stream must be scheduled and completed at least 3 working days prior to the event
If any network issues arise outside of NET’s control, best efforts will be made to resolve the problem but no guarantee for the streaming service can be made