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Providing premier information technology leadership, policy, and operations
which leads to an effective, responsive, and efficient government.

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The Telephone Network Section provides the management, operation and control of the Nebraska State government switched telephone network (NeTcomm).

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Video Conferencing

Administrative Video Conferencing Service is offered through Network Services in an effort to decrease the distance between the borders of the State.

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Web Design

The OCIO Web Development Team partners with agencies, boards, and commissions to design and develop scalable web-based systems and websites.

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The Wireless Section manages the purchase, lease and use of wireless communications equipment and services for all Nebraska state agencies.

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Help Desk

The Help Desk provides a single point of contact for clients to report and track issues, thus simplifying the reporting and resolution process. 

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The Office of the CIO provides a wide range of technology services to state agencies, boards and commissions as well as political subdivisions.

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The purpose of the IT Financial Solutions area is to align fiscal resources to achieve the strategies of the STATE IT organizations.

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Ensuring a safe and secure environment to the citizens of Nebraska by safeguarding our information systems, reducing our vulnerability to cyber attacks, and increasing our responsiveness to cyber threat.

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Applications Solutions designs, builds and maintains software applications for State agencies.

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Public Safety

Public Safety provides a broad range of technology services related to radio communications and equipment.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer was created to assure a coordinated, efficient and cost effective approach is taken on an enterprise level for the deployment of technology by Nebraska State Government. The Office of the CIO provides a wide range of technology services to state agencies, boards and commissions, as well as political subdivisions. As the State continues to explore shared services, we have eliminated the duplication of several IT expenditures and services, lowered costs through enterprise purchases and agreements, and provided more efficient and effective ways to expand access to government services.

By providing affordable, high quality services, the Office of the CIO allows customers to focus on their core business rather than technology deployment.