The CIO Roadmap

As the State of Nebraska’s enterprise technology provider our vision is exceptional service for government agencies.  We hold ourselves to high aspirations, and leverage advances in technology to grow Nebraska. We value innovation and seek customer-focused solutions to deliver more efficient and effective business processes. At the core of our vision is respect for the taxpayers.

Efforts to consolidate Nebraska’s information technology resources began in 2016. We publicly document our progress in this area through the CIO Blog and quarterly updates to our roadmap.

Consolidation Roadmap

  • Completed: Phase I - Network Consolidation
  • Completed: Phase II – Enterprise Data Center
  • Completed: Phase III – Regional Site Support and Desktop Standardization


Where we Are

Application Portfolio Management

The CIO’s initiative is to develop a comprehensive inventory of Agency applications by 2020.  Our approach is iterative, starting with discovery in each individual agency. Currently our inventory is underway, and once it is validated by the agencies, we will have a clearer understanding of the value that different applications, tools, software and vendor solutions have for the State’s business processes.


Enterprise IT Support

The State enterprise environment is a great big deal. To make sure our service measures up, we set performance goals and monitor monthly performance. Then, we share our reports with our customers.

Whether requesting a service, reporting an incident, or calling support The Nebraska Service Portal now available to all State of Nebraska teammates.

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