Welcome to the State of Nebraska Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution provided by Microsoft.


MFA technologies provide enhanced security--on top of the standard username/password authentication mechanisms. When MFA is enabled for a service or an application, you can rest assured that any login attempts using your credentials will only be allowed when you approve the request with an additional form of authentication, something you have.;

When logging into certain applications such as email, with your MFA account enabled, you will be asked to provide additional authentication using one of the following methods:

  • Approval via Push Notification- Deny or Approve a login attempt from your Smartphone.
  • Soft Token - Enter a rotating 6-digit code provided by Smartphone app.
  • Hard Token - Enter a rotating 6-digit code provided by a key-fob device.

How do you get this wonderful technology?

It starts with a welcome email once your account is enabled which describes the method for which you have been enabled.

Enabling your MFA Account for User (pdf)

Official Microsoft End-User Documentation