Welcome to the State of Nebraska Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution provided by Microsoft.


MFA technologies were introduced to provide enhanced security on top of the standard username/password authentication mechanisms.  When MFA is enabled for a service or an application, you can rest assured that any login attempts using your credentials are only allowed when you approve the request via a third factor. 

Depending on your security requirements, the third factor may be via:

  • phone call
  • text message
  • app installed on a smartphone
    • Push-notification option
    • Rotating 6-digit code option
  • key-fob style token with a rotating code

How do you get this wonderful technology?

It starts with a welcome email once your account is enabled which describes the method for which you have been enabled.

Multi-Factor Authentication User Log in

Getting Started with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Mobile App (pdf)

Getting Started with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA-OAUTH)Token (pdf)

Here’s the official Microsoft End-User documentation site.

And here’s the FAQ from the MFA documentation